About "Us"

imageFrom "Gigs to Gigabytes"! Rick spent over 20 years as a professional trombonist and had the pleasure of touring the U.S. and the world with some amazing groups, including Buddy Rich, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Taboo Combo, many Broadway tours and much, much more. Currently Rick splits his time working for Northwell Health in wireless communications & TragerMedia. He's also an avid scuba diver, inline skater, hiker, camper, kayaker and absolutely in love with animals and the outdoors.

Rick always goes above and beyond when it comes to his clients. You won't find the same level of service or commitment when bringing your computer or laptop to a store. He'll give you his honest opinion, let you know your options, and help you decide on the best course of action. And he stands by his work. Just like a great mechanic, you'll build a trusting relationship you'd hate to lose!

Most work will be done by Rick. The reason you often see "we" or "us" mentioned is because he sometimes works with other professionals that are brought in to help with special projects such as graphic design, web design or Network/MS Exchange Administration, among others.